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We specialize in executive bodyguard services for VIPs and celebrities. Whether you are in business, entertainment, media, politics or religion, you are a symbol of power and wealth. Unfortunately this makes you a likely target for admirers, paparazzi, competitors, former employees, stalkers and even assassins. We as a team have been working together for years, that is why we ensure the consistency and reliability of the highest quality service. Our clients privacy is our promise. We guarantee strict confidentiality in providing any of our services. All contact between our representatives and our clients will remain discreet and we will meet every request for maintaining your anonymity.

About us - Our mission is provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service for their protective needs. We are highly qualified and experienced professionals with your safety and security as our foremost concern. Bodyguard Team is comprised of bodyguards of the highest caliber for this service. We are multi-skilled and educated professionals being qualified in the following areas:

Threat Assessments and Risk Management

Planning and Project Management

Foreign Language Skills

Basic Psychology

Shooting with firearms

Close Protection Paramedics


Advanced Driving Techniques

Explosive search and recognition

Unarmed combat

We can work in a discreet, low profile or covert manner if necessary. A strict policy in our team is a Non-disclosure Agreement, ensuring that our Clients confidential and propriety information remains intact.

Our offer - We offer close protection services on an emergency, standby or contract basis. Our operatives are highly experienced in looking after the safety, security and well-being of a broad spectrum of client groups. Our aim is the protection of business people, corporate executives, high profile superstars, professional athletes, religious leaders, politicians and diplomats. The protection spectrum starts with life-attempt prevention and/or counteraction and even with an evening out in town or family holidays to finish. Are you a target of threats or personal harm? Call us to see how we can help you. On getting in touch with us you are led in a warm and friendly manner by one of our members. Our professional consultants will customize a plan to meet all of your protective needs. Although we do not ask for endorsements from our clients, most of our business comes to us as a referral. We do appreciate referrals and reward clients with a referral credit of 10% but no more than 1,000 PLN towards future services.

“The proof of the pudding is in eating”.